Dangers of Black Mold in space

Dangers of Black Mold in space

Black mold, known by its scientific name Stachybotrys chart arum, is a toxic fungus that occurs naturally and is capable of growing both indoors and out. When growing outdoors, it is relatively benign growing in moist places that spread its spores in the air. Inside it will grow in a wide variety of materials that absorb moisture, if windows and other ventilation are open the fungus will spread to the air posing a danger in space.

Mold is more dangerous than most people think. Black mold is one of the most hazardous forms of mold. If you believe that you have mold, then you must do something about it now. Described are the dangers of Black mold on a trip to Mars.

Mold is the result of fungus which mainly grows on the damp or decaying matter. It mostly will be seen as irregularly shaped black spots in different areas. These spots may look simple and non-threatening, but they can lead to serious health issues. Small areas of mold can turn into the big mold rather quickly and release spores of toxin into the air. When these toxic spores are inhaled they are poisonous.

Black mold can result from overly damp areas, as homeowners with floods can attest.  It's also a concern, with other microbes, for any long term space flights.

Black mold can result from overly damp areas, as homeowners with floods can attest. It’s also a concern, with other microbes, for any long term space flights.

Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure?

Black mold can result in many common symptoms such frequent and persistent headaches. This is a direct consequence of the inhalation of a mold while you are on a trip to Mars. The strength of these headaches will most likely increase when you are in the immediate area that the mold is present. This is because your body’s immune system is attempting to fight the mold toxins. Even though the symptoms may be more intense when in proximity to the mold the effects are still present and dangerous when you are space.

Other common symptoms are a sore throat, while you are on a trip to Mars you are normally covered into Mars suits that only allows you to inhale oxygen, but if there are little pores, you will be exposed to fungus through the inhaling air in space that causes a sore throat. Other Black mold danger are fatigue, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, chest pains, diarrhea, cramps, night sweats, abdominal pain, and sensitivity to light. As you can see the list is extensive and not very pleasant. Worse of all though, mold can also lead to poisoning.

Health Risks

Black mold has many health risks and can affect many parts of the body after a trip from mars . In the initial stages, it causes problems such as nausea and dizziness. It can make you feel very lightheaded and lethargic. People who are affected by this mold can experience a loss of appetite and vomiting. It can also lead to diarrhea and stomach ache.

The most common health effects of a mold are allergies. It can cause different types of allergic reactions in different people. It can also worsen the allergies that a person already has. Mild symptoms can include watery eyes, sneezing, itchiness and coughing. If the problem is severe, it can lead to rashes and breathing problems.

Mold can be extremely dangerous for people who already have respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. It can cause a full blown asthma attack, which can be very hazardous to the patient. Mold usually spreads through mold spores, which can be breathed in by people who come in contact with the mold. These mold spores can cause fungus to grow in the bronchial passage, which can lead to severe problems.

Black mold can also cause many skin problems. It can be harmful to someone who already has any skin allergies or sensitive skin. It can cause skin rashes, peeling, dryness, and redness.

In severe cases, mold can even cause organ failure. If mold enters the body, it can grow and cover the entire organs. Once that happens, the body fails to function normally. It can also lead to vascular damage, which can result in internal bleeding.

How to Treat Exposure

Your body can endure many of the symptoms of black mold and fight but when your exposure reaches a certain level you can be poisoned. This is especially true when the fungus remains damp and is allowed to grow and not removed properly. Several symptoms are present that point to poisoning. These symptoms include nausea, panic attacks, sudden onset of disease, depression, bleeding from the nose, and cold like symptoms. Yes, in some cases this can also lead to death. One company that works with the aviation industry in Dallas is Mold Removal Doctor, they deal with Mold Remediation Dallas.

As you can see black mold is severe and dangerous. If mold is in space, you have to be careful avoid dangers that affect your health.

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